National Australia Bank : NAB Internet banking

The National Australia Bank (NAB) is an Australian Top financial institute rated amongst the country’s top four banks both in terms of market capitalization, customer base, and earnings. NAB operates in over 1,500 branches with over 4,000 ATM points across Australia, New Zealand, and the Asian continent. NAB has over 12 million customers making it rank amongst the world’s first 50 banks.

Brief History of National Australia Bank

NAB was formed in 1982 as a merger between the National bank of Australasia and commercial banking company of Sydney. After the merger, the bank quickly went into a period of radical acquisitions in a bid to expand its financial base. The bank faced some trying period between 2000 and 2005; NAB was forced to lay off some of its workforce and sale some part of its business. Between this periods, the bank also outsourced some of its services to other firms abroad in a bid to cut costs. However, by 2006, the bank was out of its crisis and went straight to record an overwhelming $4.3 billion in profits.

NAB Internet banking

NAB offers a convenient internet banking solution to its customers. The bank is renowned for its use of efficient technological tools like CRM (customer relationship management) system in handling its business. Now, banking with NAB has never been more easy and fast. The NAB internet banking platform also ensures the security of your account.
Here are some features and benefits of the NAB internet banking platform

  • Easily and quickly transfer funds or pay bills anywhere within Australia.
  • The National Australia Bank Online banking platform allows you to transfer about $100,000 a day when approved for such transaction
  • Easy and 24 hours access to your account balance and transaction history
  • Quickly and conveniently block and unblock your cards in case it is misplaced or stolen
  • You can also apply for loans online or open new accounts with ease.
  • You can download or print your account statements any time.

Registering for NAB Internet Banking

  • You can easily enroll online for NAB internet banking. The procedure is simple, check the steps below; You need the NAB Identification number to register; the NAB ID no. is located at the back of your card just before the magnetic strip. For business customers, the NAB ID no. is to be given to you in person in any NAB branch.
  • Then, after you have secured your NAB ID no. You’ll be required to provide your mobile phone number and the NAB banking password or the temporary password issued to you at the branch office.

When you are ready with all the required documents, you can then fill out the form to complete your registration. To begin the enrollment process now click here