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MetLife Life Insurance is a product provided by Metlife Inc. The company is an American insurance company that offers global insurance coverage, annuities, and employee benefit programs.

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MLIC) is the parent company of MetLife and amongst the largest insurance providers in the world.

The company has over 90 million customers spread across 60 countries. MetLife has its headquarters at 200 Park Avenue, New York and has Steven A. Kandarian as its CEO.

The company provides its services to 90 of the largest Fortune 500 companies. And they lead the insurance market in the US, Japan, Latin America, most of Europe and the Middle East.
MetLife Inc. is structured into segments, namely;

  • The US business segment which covers Auto, Home, and Corporate benefit funding
  • Insurance products segment
  • Then Retirement products segment
  • And finally, the MetLife international segment
MetLife Life Insurance

MetLife International presence

MetLife’s international operating presence is very impressive too. After the MetLife insurance purchased American Life Insurance Company (ALICO) for AIG in 2010, it took a stronghold in the insurance market in Japan which is the world’s second-largest life insurance market thus becoming a leading competitor in the industry.

The company also has a major stake in most European, Latin American and Asian countries. In India for example, MetLife has a huge presence after it struck a deal with some state-owned banks that sell its products to their customers in its branches.

MetLife Life Insurance and other products and services

  • MetLife Life Insurance: the MetLife Life Insurance products and services cover various vital aspects of the market including; term life insurance and other types of permanent life insurance products. The MetLife Life Insurance services are based on the duration and amount of coverage available for each product, and also it varies when a medical exam is required to ensure coverage. MetLife Life Insurance products also cover group life insurance services which employers provide to their staff, and it consists of term life, permanent life, accidental death, and dismemberment coverage. MetLife is the largest life insurance provider in America.
  • Then, MetLife Dental insurance: the company offers dental benefits to groups and individuals, employees, retirees and their families offering its service to over 20 million customers.
  • MetLife Disability: the company also provides products for disabled individuals and employees including association groups that receive theirs from their employer. The MetLife individual disability products include MetLife income guard, OMNI advantage, OMNI essential, etc. The policies vary regarding eligibility and coverage provided. For groups, they offer short and long-term disability insurance. The short-term option covers an individual’s income during the initial weeks of the disabling illness or accident while the long-term option covers the individual’s during an extended period of the disabling illness or accident.

Other MetLife Products

  • MetLife Auto and Home Insurance: the MetLife Auto and Home Insurance are serviced by its affiliates, who offer personal property and casualty insurance policies in all state of American and the Columbia district. The MetLife Auto and Home Insurance has over 2 million active policies and serves a whopping 58 of the Fortune 100 companies. The MetLife home insurance policies provide coverage for possessions, property damage from natural disaster or theft, etc. MetLife auto insurance also has coverage for RV, ATV, boat, collectible vehicles, mobile home, and motorcycle.
  • Annuities: the company in 2009 recorded $22 billion in annuities sales making it one of the largest providers of annuities in the world. Its annuities services include; fixed annuities, variable annuities, immediate annuities, and deferred annuities.


In conclusion, MetLife insurance Inc. offers numerous insurance products and services to its customers. The company is an industry leader in the insurance business and rated amongst the best.

It is also important to note that MetLife offers flood insurance policies. They also participate in the Federal Government managed the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). So go to their website today to see their full offerings.