HSBC Online banking: HSBC Personal Banking

HSBC online banking platform assures genuine security and hitches free online banking experience for their customers.

The online banking platform is available 24/7 for HSBC customers all over the world. The HSBC online banking platform is also user-friendly with adequate customer support if needed.

A brief history of HSBC

HSBC is a multinational bank that deals in all round financial services with its headquarters in London.

HSBC stands for Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation as its origin is traced to Asian both cities.

The bank is estimated to have over 37million customers in 70 countries and over 4000 offices around the world.

HSBC is the largest bank in Europe although it’s the 7th largest in the world with total assets estimated to be $2.374 trillion.

HSBC services are organized into four business groups;

  • Commercial banking
  • Global banking and investment banking
  • Retailbanking and wealth management
  • And finally, global private banking

As of 2012, HSBC had a market capitalization of £102.7 billion, the 2nd largest in London stock exchange.

The bank provides full range services to its customers including Personal financial services like;

  • Current and savings account
  • Mortgage loans
  • Credit card
  • Retirement and investments
  • Car insurance and many more
HSBC online banking

HSBC online banking services

The HSBC Internet banking platform offers premium everyday banking services to customers. The platform provides you with various features to make the use of the system convenient and fun.

Key features of the HSBC online banking services include;

  • Checking transactions and account balance
  • Money transfers and bill payment
  • Access to secured messages
  • Mobile banking options
  • Also, Quick login
  • Downloadable bank statements
  • Then, Setup and make changes to standing orders
  • Update your account details

The HSBC online banking has a robust security center to guide and teach customers on how to maintain the security and integrity oftheir accounts.

The security center educates customers on;

  • what to do when they detect suspicious activities on their account
  • How to securely use HSBC services for online shopping
  • How to use the security key to access their account conveniently

To learn more about the HSBC internet banking security guide click here.

HSBC Online Banking Registration

To set up the HSBC online banking for your account, you’ll need first to set up a security key which will help give you extra protection on your accounts.

To set up the secure digital key, you’ll need a compatible smartphone or order a secure key device if your smartphone does not meet the requirement.

And as soon as you set up the secure key, you get full access to the HSBC online banking system.

They are six steps to complete the registration process;

  • Agree on terms and conditions
  • Verify your identity
  • Create your login details
  • Choose ease security questions
  • Then choose secure key
  • And finally, confirm the registration process.


In conclusion, the HSBC online banking platform is easy and convenient for fast banking experience.

HSBC strives to ensure the security and integrity of customers account.

Finally, go to the now to check out the services.