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The Cigna Group is a global health care services provider based in Connecticut, the U.S.

It is an insurance giant with numerous subsidiaries providing major medical, disability, dental, accident, and life insurance policies to customers across the globe.  

The firm was formed in 1982 as a result of the merger between Connecticut general life insurance company and Insurance Company of North America (INA).   

The firm has a deep operating presence in over 200 countries with an impressive employee base of about 35,000 staff managing a huge $53.734 billion in assets.

Most of Cigna’s services are available via third-party groups like employers including government etc. The firm has over 90 million customers worldwide and is definitely a giant in the industry.  

In the U.S, Cigna Global Health offers Medicare and Medicaid products and services to individuals, they also offer life and accident insurance coverage to Americans and also in some international countries.

The group is also known for offering HMO (health management organization)services through its satellite clinics in some states.  

Cigna Global Health Benefits and other Cigna Services

The Cigna Global Health Benefits is a subsidiary of Cigna with its headquarters in Philadelphia. They provide access to extensive health care services to customers across the globe. 

Cigna Global Health

This plan includes medical, behavioral, dental and disability claims. This Cigna plan also covers business travels and life policies. 

Cigna Global Health Benefits boasts of about a million health care facilities and experts around the world.

The firm also boasts of being able to cover about 68% of all international claims by its customers. These claims are paid directly to cover healthcare professional charges and hospital bills. 

Cigna health insurance 

Cigna specializes in health insurance policies for both individual/family to corporate/business customers around the globe.  

The firm offers a flexible policy where customers can easily choose and pay specifically for only the services they need. With Cigna total healthcare package, customers can also add to their already selected plans.  

The services are easy; customers can easily log on to the Cigna website to choose their needed plans and also get quotes for the plans.  

Cigna Dental insurance

The Cigna dental insurance policy is available to everybody regardless of whether you hold a Cigna medical insurance or not.

You can easily purchase dental insurance from Cigna now. All Cigna dental plan and its corresponding quotes are available on their webpage at Click here.  

Cigna providers

Cigna has made it very easy to locate their healthcare providers near you whether it’s a doctor, dentist or a hospital, pharmacy or just about any healthcare facility in your location.  

You can visit the Cigna directory here to check availability and also book an appointment with the specialist you need to see.