Buy Stocks with Bitcoin | Cryptocurrency Stock Market

Bitcoin’s popularity has increased tremendously over the last year because of the successes it has recorded during this period. Now lots of individuals are eager to know more about the system and also venture into it too.

Professional traders and big investors who once looked on cryptocurrency are now venturing into bitcoin big time and incorporating it into their system. Bitcoin fast-rising popularity has made quite a lot of people eager to know more about the system.

This is not the only reason why users are venturing into crypto-currency, but the successes and results recorded from bitcoin investment & trading have made lots of people eager to know more. Now, lots of firms and stock exchange companies have realized that lots of customers love transacting, trading & investing using bitcoin.

So most of these firms have incorporated crypto-currency as part of the payment systems for purchasing shares. However, there are still risks attached to doing this, just like it is with various other investments.

Why is Bitcoin Important for Buying Stocks?

Bitcoin has become a standard payment system for purchasing shares from lots of big firms and investment companies. Bitcoin is an awesome payment system; it is considered the fastest online payment systems, and its transaction fees are very low.

The fees are low because it is a direct payment system where you don’t have to pay a third party like a bank before you can get to your final destination. Bitcoin has a bright future and is definitely going to play a quite important role in the financial world.

Bitcoin is also a very secure system to use for a transaction, to keep your coins safe you need to keep your private key and password secure.

So, primarily keeping your bitcoin secure is all in your hands. Bitcoin is now a world trend, and if you ignore, it might mean you are ignoring the future of the financial world.

With success, it has recorded over time and the benefits it has, it is quite hard to ignore bitcoin as a financial system. Now, some brokers or exchanges accept bitcoin for exchanges all you have to do is find them and buy shares using bitcoins. 

How to Buy Stocks with Bitcoin

Though there are still stock exchange companies or brokers who are against bitcoin, a quite good number of exchange companies are already accepting bitcoin as payments for shares.

  • Once you have chosen the broker agency to work with, you can easily purchase shares using bitcoins. One popular broker that accepts bitcoin payment is 1broker, and you can purchase shares from them using bitcoins. Other brokers accept bitcoin payments, and you can check them out.
  • Before you consider buying stocks with bitcoin, you need first to set up your wallet. After your account is set up, you can purchase stocks with ease with your coins. However, you should never give out your private key or password to any of these companies.
  • To purchase stock, simply add your trading account, then choose the Stock you want to work with and select how many shares worth of bitcoin you want to purchase.
  • Now purchasing shares with bitcoins is similar to buying shares with fiat currencies except that the bitcoin process is quicker and costs less. But you have to bear in mind that considering buying shares with bitcoin has its own risks, the value of your share may be affected depending on how high or low bitcoin value is at the time. This is the risk most investments have, and Bitcoin investment is no different.
  • So, you can buy shares from brokers using your bitcoin, using the easy steps we have shown you. This means once you have bitcoins, you can easily own shares in companies that accept this.
  • Before going into bitcoin investment, you should try to make your inquiries, do some research, and get financial advice from financial advisors before venturing into bitcoin investment.

How to Buy Bitcoin for Stock Investments

Before you Buy Stocks with Bitcoin, you need first to set up your bitcoin wallet and fund your bitcoin account to enable you to start the purchase of shares with bitcoin.

There are lots of bitcoin exchanges you can open accounts with and set up your wallet. Amongst these exchanges, coinbase is quite popular, and you can create your account with easy steps.

Bitcoin exchanges are like a marketplace where bitcoins can be bought with ease in exchange of fund.

  • You can create an account with any bitcoin exchange platform of your choice; to do this, enter personal details during registration such as email address, name, and others.
  • You will also need to link your bank account to your wallet account, once they are both linked you can easily fund your bitcoin account using funds from your bank account. You can use bank transfers to fund your bitcoin account, or you can use your debit or credit card to do so.
  • Once you have done so, just click the BUY option to enable you to purchase bitcoin with ease. Once you have bitcoin in your wallet, you can access your wallet using your password, and you can perform transactions using your private key.
  • Now, you can purchase the value of the stock you use the appropriate amount of bitcoin, so purchasing shares becomes rather easy once you have bitcoin in your wallet. Buy Stocks with Bitcoin is a good way of profiting from your bitcoin and investing your bitcoin than just leaving them lying in your digital wallet.


Some years ago, ideas like purchasing shares with bitcoins were considered odd and were not even accepted by many brokers and exchange companies; in fact, lots of brokers looked down on this digital finance technology.

However, presently, lots of brokers are already going into bitcoin investment; this means they now accept bitcoin in exchange for shares. This is probably because of the success bitcoin has recorded recently and the level of popularity it has gained over time.

Now, these brokers have realized that customers love trading, transacting, and investing with bitcoin because of its low-cost fee of transaction, speediness, and other benefits attached to it.

Bitcoin investment is an interesting and profitable one, however, just like other investments, it has its own risks, so it is left to you to decide if you want to bear such risks. You have to bear in mind that the price of bitcoin affects the value of your shares, but you can seek the advice of a financial advisor before asking for your move.