Buy And Sell Bitcoin Australia | Where Can I Buy Bitcoin in Australia

Buy And Sell Bitcoin Australia | Where Can I Buy Bitcoin in Australia

Crypto-currency is fast becoming a trend in this digital age, and Australia is presently one of the countries where cryptocurrency is playing a huge role.

Merchants accept bitcoin payments for payment of goods and services from online customers; Users also use bitcoin for the various online transaction. It is quite convenient for both merchant and users, and the transaction process is rather quite speedy and has low costs.

Though some countries are quite skeptical about this new payment system, Australia is, however, amongst the number of countries that accept bitcoin payment system.

The Australian government has regulations and laws guiding the use of bitcoin, which ensures that users are not exploited by this payment system when they Buy Bitcoin Australia.

Since bitcoin is an anonymous peer-to-peer payment system, an electronic payment system hard to track or control, the Australian government has taken some measures to keep this new system in check.

There are lots of bitcoin networks users can work with presently in Australia, and we will let you know more about these networks. But before you can work with any of these networks, you need first to create a bitcoin wallet; this wallet is an essential part of the bitcoin payment system. And we will show you how to create a bitcoin wallet.

How to Create a Bitcoin Wallet

Creating a bitcoin wallet is the first step of using the bitcoin payment system, once you have created a wallet, you are ready to start making payments with bitcoins, as well as receive payments in bitcoins. Once you have a bitcoin wallet, you are officially into the bitcoin world. Since bitcoin is accepted in Australia, it would be quite nice to incorporate it in your business.

So to do so all you need to do is to create a bitcoin wallet following these steps:

  • Visit blockchain.Info homepage, scroll to NEW TO DIGITAL CURRENCIES, then click on GET A FREE WALLET.
  • Then enter your email & password, confirm password, toggle the terms of the service box. Choose a password you can easily remember then click CONTINUE.
  • After reading the terms service properly, click GET STARTED.
  • Your wallet has now been created, and you can now create an address for receiving coins by tapping REQUEST.
  • An exchange account is needed to fund your wallet; once your wallet is funded, you can send coins by hitting SEND.
  • You need to be sure your coins are acceptable for the kind of wallet you have before choosing a specific wallet. Blockchain.Info wallet shows you your wallet total in USD, BTC, ETH or BCH.
  • Your password gives you access to your bitcoin wallet, so if you lose it, you lose total access to your wallet. This is why it important to have backup management for your bitcoin wallet. You also need to keep your password and private key safe from any third party to avoid losing wallet to another user.

As soon as your wallet is created and funded, you can start bitcoin mining; you can make online payments with bitcoin and receive bitcoins too.

Bitcoin is a trending, beneficial online payment system, and if you love technological advancements, then you should definitely be part of this new technological advancement called bitcoin.

How to Buy Bitcoin Australia

You can get bitcoin either by buying or mining, mining may take some time, but buying is quite easy and quick.

Bitcoin has become a trend, and everyone wants to be part of this new awesome online payment system, which is why we are taking our time to tell you how to go about getting into it.

Bitcoin is accepted in Australia; you can use it to pay bills, purchase goods & services from various online platforms & websites like; Microsoft, Playboy, and many others.

You can pay bills using bitcoin, pay employees’ salaries, and order for goods and do many more with bitcoin. You are missing out if you are not already taking advantage of this awesome payment system.

Now, let’s walk you through how you can Buy Bitcoin Australia;

  • First, you need to register an account with any bitcoin network of your choice, always go for genuine and well-known bitcoin networks.
  • You will need to enter 2-factor authentication.
  • Then you need to verify your account.
  • Then click on DEPOSIT AUD
  • Transfer the funds to your account
  • Then you need to click BUY/SELL at the top of your screen.
  • So you can either enter the amount of bitcoin you want or the amount of AUD you want to spend.
  • Properly check transaction details to ensure there’s no mistake, then click BUY BTC.
  • Your bitcoin will be transferred to your wallet in a short time.

Popular Bitcoin Exchanges in Australia

Australia is one of the countries where the bitcoin payment system is playing a huge part in online payment.

Bitcoin is one of the most popular digital currencies in the world and Plays a huge role in Australia. There are various bitcoin exchanges in Australia, and we will tell you about some;

  • Coinbase: Coin base is quite popular in Australia, and its residents can purchase coins from here using their debit cards. The fees are $39.9, and bitcoins are delivered instantly.
  • Coinmama: This is also a very popular bitcoin exchange in Australia; it allows users in various parts of the world to purchase bitcoins using their debit or credit card. They charge 6% cost fee per transaction, and it is quite trustworthy.
  • Coinbase pro: Coinbase pro is also a very popular bitcoin exchange in Australia and users can fund their account through bank transfers and through bank wire. Their prices are quite affordable, and their fees are quite low.
  • Localbitcoins: This is also a quite popular bitcoin exchange and also functions as an escrow service for matching buyers and sellers. Users can easily purchase coins through cash deposits.
  • Coinjar: This is one of the most popular bitcoin exchanges which offers bitcoins for sale at very low fees. The fee cost is 1% fee via BPAY. Coinjar also supports various fiat currencies, so you can easily purchase bitcoin with your own local currency.

There are other bitcoin exchanges in Australia, and you can decide to work with the one you prefer. However, you have to ensure that this exchange is genuine before paying out cash.

We have given you a list of some we know of, and you can check them out for your bitcoin purchase.


In summary, Bitcoin is booming in Australia, and everyone is eager to get into the system. After going through this article, you can find it easy to join other Australian residents in using bitcoin payment services or Buy Bitcoin Australia. Once you have set up your wallet, you can start buying bitcoin, mining bitcoin as well as conducting transactions with bitcoin.