Bitcoin Mining GPU: All You Missed About BTC Mining Hardware

Bitcoin Mining GPU : All You Missed About BTC Mining Hardware

The popularity of cryptocurrency has toppled over the years, though there might not be a rush for crypto presently because of the risk involved in it, there are still lots of individuals who would love to delve into the bitcoin world.

Of course, bitcoin has its benefits; not only does it not have a central government controlling its circulation or regulations affecting its users, but it is also one of the cheapest form of transaction.

And bitcoin is probably the future of the financial world, especially in this digital world where technological advancements are the new wave.

Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Bitcoin mining is an essential part of crypto-currency; mining helps to keep the system secure and also lead to the creation of new blockchains.

By adding blocks to the blockchain, the system is secure and also functional. Miners go through a computational process to achieve results known as proof of work using quite sophisticated computer systems.

Miners use a process of hashing to reach their final results, these hashing process is done by special computers, and miners put into their skills &computational powers to reach results known as Proof of Work.

The proof of work is in the form of a block that helps in the mining of new coins or transaction fees they get from the process.

By creating new blocks or completing block chains, miners keep proving the relevance of the system and ensuring that the system does not go down.

To keep the system, constant miners need to keep computational processes ongoing. Now, these computational processes are done by specialized computers such as ASIC computers or GPU. Miners have to constantly work using these computers and electricity to keep getting their results.

Bitcoin Mining with GPU

GPU is known as Graphics processing Unit initially used for processing and accelerating images on various electronic devices. Its use was originally in the gaming industry; however, lots of bitcoin miners now know that GPU is useful for bitcoin mining as well.
With a high level of processing capacity GPU has, it is now being used for bitcoin mining, GPU might have been used for just processing games, but with high-quality new games now have, GPU has become more sophisticated than it was.

So, miners have realized that it is quite good tools for crypto-currency because they have high hashing rates higher than that of normal CPU.

This is why a lot of bitcoin miners are now using this it for mining; this is, however, not the only reason why bitcoin miners are using GPU for bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin mining is often done with a highly specialized computer known as ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) which have quite a high rate of hashing for bitcoin mining.

However, using ASIC is quite expensive and has a high level of volatility, now ASIC is run with constant electricity and high power fans to enable them to deploy hashing rates. Its consumption of electricity is equal to what a small house does in a month, so it is quite difficult to maintain because of its high cost.

Now, ASIC is considered the best hardware for processing high hashing rates and does not hash every type of coin. So, most times, miners want to go into bitcoin mining, they often consider hash rates, energy consumptions & efficiency, which are the important variables for bitcoin mining.

Most miners have realized that ASIC has a high hashing rate and therefore considered the best hardware for hashing, this is why lots of miners are going into mining using ASIC.

However, the more miners join the bitcoin mining space, the more difficult the job of reaching proof of work becomes. This is one of the disadvantages of using ASIC hardware for computation process.

Now, the cost of using ASIC for computation has made lots of miners skeptical about using this hardware, the profits made from mining are often used to maintain this ASIC computer making it less attractive for miners.

Having weighed all these factors, lots of miners are now going into using GPU for processing bitcoin mining.

Though GPU does not spit hashes at a rate as high as that of ASIC, the cost of using this hardware is quite low in comparison with ASIC.

GPU is versatile and can be used for much more than mining so that they can be easily resold for functions like game processing.

The GPU is also way cheaper than ASIC though the cost of purchasing it has increased since users have found out it can be used for mining too. However, GPUs can be connected with CPU, which is known as GPU rig to enhance it’s hashing rate level.

If you wish to go into bitcoin mining at lower cost rates, you can go for GPU. However, you need to go for good ones from good manufacturers.

ASICs are quite expensive to maintain and are used for mining specific coins; this is why most miners are going into mining with GPU.

It is often advisable to go into cryptocurrency mining using GPU, but if you want to go into mining bitcoins specifically, then you need to use ASIC.

They are considered the fastest and best computers for bitcoin hashing process. However, they are quite expensive to maintain.

Crypto-currencies are the new trend in the financial world despite the rough patches they have gone through over the years; more and more people are still eager to venture into the crypto world because of its benefits. Now, if you wish to go into bitcoin mining, which is a very important aspect of crypto-currency, you need to know about the hashing process and the right tools for the process. Hashing can be done with both ASIC and GPU, which are the predominant hardware for bitcoin mining.

However, lots of users are going into bitcoin mining using GPU because of its advantages over ASIC, and you can join them to enjoy these benefits.