Bitcoin Merchant Services |Best Ways Send And Recieve BTC

Bitcoin Merchant Services |Best Ways Send And Recieve BTC

Bitcoin technology is probably one of the most promising technological advancements for online businesses. Bitcoin offers merchants’ lots of services to enable them to perform online transactions with ease.

With your bitcoin wallet, you can send value to any part of the world where bitcoin services are not restricted. Bitcoin is not only the fastest means of online payments but also one of the online transactions with the lowest cost.

You can join numerous companies to accept bitcoin payments from clients and customers all over the world. Bitcoin wallets make it quite easy for customers to transfer digital funds & for merchants to receive such funds.

Bitcoin is fast becoming a new trend for online payments, and you can join numerous other merchants using bitcoins for its speedy attribute and low cost of transactions.

Bitcoins are digital funds used for the peer-to-peer payment system; not only is it better than going through bank transactions, but it is also considered faster and easier than other online payment services.

So, once you create your wallet, you can conduct transactions with coins in your wallet. Customers can easily pay for products at point-of-sale by scanning QR codes and also send funds easily to merchants through their bitcoin address.

You can also choose to convert bitcoins to cash, or you can store them in your wallet to use them for other online payments.

However, before you can send bitcoin to any user, they have to set up a bitcoin wallet to enable them to receive payments. Bitcoin merchant services include making online payments through wallet, receiving payments, bitcoin mining, and various other functions.

Bitcoin Merchant Services

How to Send Bitcoins

Once you have a bitcoin wallet, it becomes rather easy for you to use Bitcoin Merchant Services. The process of sending bitcoin may vary from one platform to another. However, there are still basic steps you need to know

  • First, you need to open your bitcoin wallet, then click on the SEND tab, or you can click on the TRADE & SEND BITCOIN option on your wallet menu.
  • Enter the destination of recipient’s wallet, or by simply copying and pasting QR code of the recipient.
  • Choose a label to help you track your bitcoin transaction.
  • Then, enter the value you want to transfer in the BTC box.
  • Go through the details to make sure information are accurate.
  • Then click SEND to complete the transaction
  • The transaction gets confirmed in an hour by the bitcoin network, and both sender and receiver get to see confirmation that the transaction has been completed.
  • Finally, you have to bear in mind that the transfer cannot be reversed once it is completed.

How to Receive Bitcoin Payments

Customers can easily send payments to you in the form of bitcoin, and you get your payment in no time.

Lots of companies and business owners are already using bitcoin for online transactions, and once you have a bitcoin wallet, you can start receiving payments from clients in different parts of the world.

Now, if you are confused about how to go about receiving bitcoin payments, then you need to pay close attention to this.

  • You need first to set up your bitcoin account. Add important personal details while setting up your account. You are limited to $100 worth transactions per month as a new account owner. But if you wish to remove these restrictions, you need to go through a verification process by adding ID, passport, address of in incorporation and company directors.
  • Then, add your currency; your bitcoins are converted to such currencies when they are paid out in your account. EUR is recommended by bitcoin because of the reduction of fees for each transaction.
  • You can receive bitcoins from customers at your point of sale, once your account is all set up. Customers can pay into your bitcoin wallet through email messages you send to them containing a payment link to make it easy for them to send out funds. You can also provide your customers with a QR code which you can generate on the bitcoin website.
  • You can also accept bitcoin payments on your website. Bitcoin offers an API which is incorporated with most online marketing websites and mobile apps. You can upload API to the backend of your website and configure the settings however you desire.
  • Finally, you can decide to keep bitcoin in your wallet or automatically convert & deposit it into your bank. However, with the split options available, you can decide how much of your bitcoin cash should be kept in your account and how much should be deposited in your bank account.

Contact Bitcoin Merchant Services Customer Care

Bitcoin is not a company but an online funding system which individuals use making online payments.

To get solutions for your bitcoin transaction problem you can contact the bitcoin network you are working with to get solutions for any problem you encounter while patronizing their services.

However, bitcoin has a website where users can get to know more about the various aspects of bitcoin merchant services. There are also communities on different social media platforms where users can gain useful info on how to use bitcoin and what to do when they run into problems while using their wallets.

So, you can either visit the bitcoin network you are working with when you encounter any problem, or you can go to website to gain more knowledge about bitcoin.

Blockchain support is another website you can visit to get to know more about blockchain and how it works.

You can find out a lot about creating a wallet there, find out about private keys, public keys, and know which kind of coin is suitable for a particular wallet.

Whatever issue you are facing you can find out more on homepage, blockchain support page or the bitcoin network you are working with.


In summary, Bitcoin is a valuable online payment system, it is easy and convenient to use, and merchants can receive payments from clients from different parts of the world.

The transaction cost is low, and the transaction process is easy and quick, and you can use bitcoins for payments of various services.

No matter how good bitcoin might be a lot of people are still Skeptical about it. However, it is gradually becoming one of the most relevant online payment options. Your bitcoin wallet is a very valuable part of your bitcoin cash; it houses your coin, which means you must try your possible best to keep your wallet secured.

Use password you can remember, keep your private key secured and do not allow a third party knows your wallet details.

You can also set up backups for your wallet to help you regain access to your wallet and prevent your coins from being not spendable.

Finally, Bitcoin Merchant Services is the future. However, it has no value on its own if it cannot be converted to cash used for making purchases and other transactions. This is why we have taken time to let you know the important services you can enjoy as a bitcoin merchant.