AKC Pet Insurance Review

AKC pet insurance is one of the leading pet insurance companies known for its specialized services for pet owners.

AKC provides dog training services and a wide range of products for dog owners and exceptional insurance services for cats and dogs.

The pet insurance company is known as a registry for purebred dogs. And it is also known for its pet protection services that help owners in finding their lost dogs.

The website is well designed for users to easily perform functions like finding puppies, registering your dog and more.


AKC pet watch has unique pet insurance services and varieties of services specifically for dog owners:

  • It provides training services for your dogs, canine college for your dogs, breeder programs & services, health, and general dog care services and others.
  • AKC is there to help you train your dog the way you want, you can get it to socialize easily, or you can make your dog participate more in dog sports. AKC is right there to help you to start training your dog as early as possible.
  • It has AKC family dog program to teach your dogs good manners that normally form the foundation for your dog to start dog sports.
  • Its GoodDog Helpline is right there for you, you can consult expert trainers in cases of immediate training concerns, and you can get expert advice training information to guide you in teaching your dog yourself.
  • AKC health & general dog care helps in providing the right groomer for your dog and offers you tips in grooming your dog to be healthy and comfortable.
  • They have a network of veterinarians that makes it possible for clients to find good veterinarians for pets.
  • AKC provides insurance services for your pets to protect them from accident and illnesses. It has comprehensive coverage for your pet against risks that can fit into any budget or needs.
  • There are varieties of coverage for accidents, illnesses like cancer, allergies & cherry eye, surgery coverage, hospitalization, chemotherapy & radiation treatment, extractions of permanent teeth, lab tests, x-rays, ultrasound, MRI and cat scans and other.
  • it has varieties of insurance plans for your cats and dogs; each insurance plan has its own benefits and cost attached to it.
  • AKC also provides microchip tracking devices for your dog to enable you to find your lost dog with ease. Once you register your pet under the microchip program, you can easily find your lost dog and get it returned to you by AKC.
AKC Pet Insurance

How to Contact AKC Pet Insurance

If you wish to get in touch with AKC for its insurance services you can call with the number available at their website. You can also use mail to submit your claim at:

AKC Insurance Customer Login

You can access your insurance portal account by:

  • Visiting the AKC official website
  • Click on customer login on the website
  • You will be redirected to a login page
  • Enter your Email address and password, and then click log in

If you have not created an account, you can do so by:

  • You have to click the CREATE ACCOUNT LINK on the website
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your password, confirm password
  • Then click CREATE ACCOUNT finally, to get it done.